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Meet Pat

Resident of the Month

To kickoff the East Ridge Residence Resident of the Month Campaign, it was an instant and unanimous vote that our dear Pat had to be the first resident to receive this recognition.

Originally from Pine Bluff Arkansas, Pat moved to Flinstone Georgia with her husband, Wilbur Keith Almany, better known to all as “Slim” in 1964. They decided to make a life together in a home that had a mini-farm on it -which they ran and took care of each and every day. Being adopted herself, Pat and Slim adopted their Son, Leslie Lee, soon after moving to Chattanooga. This young married couple, with their new home, mini farm and baby, also had teaching careers at the Fairyland School on top of Lookout Mountain. Teaching elementary school where she helped each of her young student’s develop the tools, skills and smarts needed in life was one of Pat’s greatest joys and passions. Each day she took pride and love in each of her students that she taught during her 35-year teaching career.

In 2002 Slim received a diagnosis of Muscular Dystrophy. Knowing life was going to become more difficult each day, Slim and Pat decided to sell their home, mini-farm and move to a lovely Community they had found called East Ridge Residence. Having many of the day to day chores and stresses now removed from their lives now, Pat and Slim were able to enjoy the days they had left together making new and forever friends, reigning as the East Ridge Residence Valentine’s Day King and Queen…as well as Pat being able to take Slim to all the casino’s in Tunica and other nearby places that he had always wanted to go to until he passed away in 2004.

After Slim’s passing, Pat decided to move to a townhouse in Chickamauga, Georgia. She kept in touch with all her friends at East Ridge Residence and would come back to visit often. While at her town house alone one day in 2013, Pat had a bad fall causing her to break her shoulder and be confined to a sling for the next 17 weeks. It was at that very moment that Pat immediately told herself, it is time to get back to my familiar home and family at East Ridge Residence – where she has lived every day since. With her beautiful, contagious smile and a heart full of love for everyone that lives and works here, Pat never meets a stranger. During the week, Pat stays busy socializing with her friends, playing bingo, calling bingo, teaching us new ones how to call bingo; as well as creating a beautiful picture or card to give to someone. Come Friday evening thru the rest of each weekend, Pat’s heart and time are dedicated to her precious family. These weekend family visits begin each Friday evening when her Granddaughter, Madison, comes to see her. From Friday evening on she gets to enjoy precious moments with her son, Leslie, her Grandson, Dakota, and even her Great Grandson, Hudson.

Pat shared that she feels, “truly blessed to be at East Ridge Residence. I love it here with so many friends and caring staff all around me. It was meant for me to be here!” We love Pat and her being at East Ridge Residence as well! What a blessing she is to all of those who live and work at East Ridge Residence!

East Ridge Residence | Pat with her son
East Ridge Residence | Cannonball into pool
East Ridge Residence | John surrounded by residents

Meet John, Our Youngest Resident

We at East Ridge Residence and The Victory Lap, a Nashville organization, are teaming up to provide a new home for John, a young man in Partnership’s Independent Living Program. We are bringing generations together by housing older foster youth in retirement communities.

On July 1st, 2019, our seniors welcomed John, their newest resident, with special t-shirts, pom-poms and a cannonball into the pool, with swimming being one of John’s favorite pastimes.

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