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Residents and associate at East Ridge Residence making gumball machines

A Look Back at the Last Month with East Ridge Residence

Keeping Things Fun at East Ridge Residence Independent Living East Ridge Residence, an independent living community in East Ridge, TN, continues to offer seniors unique and engaging daily activities to ensure they enjoy their retirement. Why is it important for independent living seniors to have a full activity calendar? Remaining physically and mentally active is

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Resident couple sitting outdoors at East Ridge Residence

Why Choose East Ridge Residence’s Independent Living for Seniors?

Premier Independent Living for Active Seniors in Chattanooga, Tennessee East Ridge Residence is a senior living community that wants to make you feel at home. We offer affordable pricing, spacious senior living apartments, and assistive services from a passionate, knowledgeable team. The services at East Ridge Residence are designed with freedom in mind; we are

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Swimming pool at East Ridge Residence

5 Things to Consider During an In-Person or Virtual Senior Living Tour

What happens during an in-person or virtual senior living tour? When you or a loved one is considering moving into an independent living community, you may want to take a tour. However, COVID-19 precautions have transformed traditional tours.  What’s East Ridge Residence’s Solution to Continue Tours?Fortunately, many senior living locations, including East Ridge Residence, offer

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East Ridge Residence resident smiles through his mask as he waits for a winning Bingo card

Our Wonderful Winter after a Challenging Year at East Ridge Residence

How East Ridge Independent Living Residents Are Celebrating the Holidays East Ridge Residence continues to promote secure gatherings full of exciting socialization as it enters the new year. Why are socially-distanced special events and activities important for seniors?  East Ridge Residence has encouraged its seniors to have fun while following COVID-19 safety protocols to help

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