Associate of the Month

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Meet Logan

Associate of the Month

East Ridge Residence is so proud and excited to announce our April Associate of the Month. Logan Smith!

Logan joined the team in the Maintenance Department six years ago. Each day he comes in to work ready to tackle whatever the day may bring, which as he shared is, “always something new.” No matter what may need done on the property or in a resident’s apartment, Logan is ready for the challenge. Logan’s dedication to East Ridge Residence and each Resident here shows in his work and repairs daily as he never quits until the job is done, the repair is complete, and the resident has a grateful smile of relief on their face.

Logan lives in Chattanooga with his girlfriend, Samantha, and their 3-year-old son, Harvey. Logan is one of the proudest fathers and adores his family so.

Congratulations Logan for this long overdue recognition! Thank you so much for everything you do at East Ridge Residence!

Meet Deandra

We’d like to take a minute to introduce Deandra, the Therapy Program Manager here at East Ridge Residence for Health Pro Heritage. Along with being the group’s Therapy Program Manager, Deandra works with residents at East Ridge Residence directly providing them with Physical and Occupational Therapy Services – both in their home and in the outpatient therapy gym – which is the ideal plan of care for any and all seniors to ensure one-on-one seamless continuum of care. This leads to better outcomes, results and overall independence for our senior residents.

Another tremendous benefit for our residents at East Ridge Residence with Deandra being here daily is that any of our residents who return to East Ridge Residence and their apartment after a hospital stay will be assessed by Deandra upon return just to make sure they are as safe and independent both in their apartment and in our Independent Living community. More times than not the hospital focuses on getting patients out and will forget to recommend or discharge them with needed nursing and therapy services. With Deandra’s assessment, she can take care of getting all needed to get our residents the therapy and nursing services in their apartment within 24-hrs of their return. This brings peace of mind to the resident and their family that one will remain safe and independent and able to remain at East Ridge Residence, versus having to make that expensive transfer to a higher level of care.

Deandra has a tremendous dedication to helping seniors achieve their best quality of life possible and displays that commitment here at East Ridge Residence each day with our residents. Deandra has been providing seniors with Patient Care and Therapy Services in the Chattanooga area since 2006; and became a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2012. We are honored to have her here as part of our Independent Living offerings at East Ridge Residence!