Meet our Rockstar Associates of the Month

Darlene Gish

July 2023 ROCKSTAR of the Month

Darlene has been an associate at East Ridge Residence since April of 2022. Darlene is always willing to lend a hand! One resident stated that she is always so helpful to everyone and makes us feel comfortable. Another resident said that someone else’s air conditioner wasn’t working so Darlene went to her room and laid on her back trying to fix it! There is example after example of Darlene putting our residents first. Thank you, Darlene, for having a servants heart and congratulations for being our July Rockstar of the Month!

Evelyn Rominger

July 2022 ROCKSTAR of the Month

Evelyn has been an associate at East Ridge Residence since September 2012. Evelyn is not only one of our longest standing associates, she’s also the one responsible for hosting our monthly birthday karaoke party. She has a heart for seniors, and it shows! Recently, when we didn’t have a cook, Evelyn jumped into action and volunteered to cook all of the residents’ breakfast for lunch. She happily prepared bacon, eggs and biscuits for roughly 50 people and didn’t even flinch! Evelyn will always put our residents first, even if that means coming in on her days off to ensure they’re taken care of. Thank you for being this month’s Rockstar, Evelyn!

Constance Mills Shaw

June 2022 ROCKSTAR of the Month

Connie has been an associate at East Ridge Residence since August 2021. Connie has a heart of gold and will always do what she can to assist. Most recently, Connie found herself being our only dishwasher. She worked nearly 21 days straight with not one complaint! She bussed tables, she served, she put up truck orders. She did everything she could possibly do to assist everyone in the kitchen, all to ensure our residents were taken care of first and foremost. Connie is another example of someone who puts the residents she serves before herself. I’m so grateful to have associates like her on our team here at East Ridge Residence. Thank you for being this month’s Rockstar, Connie!

Michelle Farmer, Housekeeper

May 2022 ROCKSTAR of the Month

Michelle has been an associate at East Ridge Residence since July of 2020.

Michelle is a bundle of happiness singing down our halls. She gives true meaning to ‘whistle while you work.’ Michelle received multiple nominations for being a positive light for our residents and her fellow staff alike. Michelle, who currently doesn’t have a car, is known to walk to a store and buy something a resident needs with her own money, and she is always doing anything she can to make our residents’ days easier. She has the heart of an angel and we’re so glad she’s on our team!

Thank you for being this month’s ROCKSTAR, Michelle!

Jim Ragan, Driver

April 2022 ROCKSTAR of the Month

Jim has been with East Ridge Residence since February of 2021.

He was nominated by several residents and staff for his positive and can-do attitude. Jim covered the Life Enrichment department by himself for over a month and didn’t miss a beat! He never complained and always kept a positive attitude. From coordinating transportation, to assisting with decorating for events, to shopping for bingo prizes and delivering packages – Jim does it all with a smile. His desire to serve our senior population is admirable. Jim is flexible and fills in wherever he is needed, and we are so very grateful for him and all he does.

Thank you for being this month’s ROCKSTAR, Jim!

Pat Borden, Housekeeping Supervisor

March 2022 ROCKSTAR of the Month

Pat has been with East Ridge Residence since April of 2018.

Pat is a hard worker who teaches her team to take pride in who they serve and what they do. She has a desire to serve our seniors and wants them to live in a clean, safe place. Pat recently volunteered to help with maintenance duties to ensure that a deadline was met. She took the initiative and learned how to change wall plugs, hook up faucets and do some other basic maintenance duties to help in flipping 10 of our apartments being worked on. She and her team stayed until late in the evenings getting it all done. It is so very appreciated!

Thank you for being this month’s ROCKSTAR, Pat!

Shatara “Tara” Sugden, Cook

February 2022 ROCKSTAR of the Month

Tara has been with East Ridge Residence since September of 2021.

In those few months, she has endeared herself to our residents and our entire team. From cooking in the dining room to helping serve, she’s always willing to lend a hand and provide service with a smile to our residents. Tara has a heart for seniors and loves doing special things for our residents. Our ED, Amy, nominated Tara as we have several residents who go to dialysis 3 days a week and leave early. Although our building doesn’t serve breakfast, Tara uses her own money and time to purchase the supplies and makes these residents breakfast sandwiches.

Thank you for being this month’s ROCKSTAR, Tara!

Logan Smith, Maintenance Director

January 2022 ROCKSTAR of the Month

Logan has been a longstanding associate at East Ridge Residence, having worked at this community since March of 2014.

Logan has done many different duties within our community and does anything you ask without complaint. He wears many hats around here, and we are so grateful for the countless hours of service he has given. Most recently we had a block of 10 rooms to prepare and Logan went above and beyond to ensure it was completed. Being the only person in maintenance, this was quite a feat. Logan is a positive influence for our residents and remains calm in the midst of it all.

Thank you for being this month’s ROCKSTAR, Logan!

Meet Logan

Associate of the Month

East Ridge Residence is so proud and excited to announce our April Associate of the Month. Logan Smith!

Logan joined the team in the Maintenance Department six years ago. Each day he comes in to work ready to tackle whatever the day may bring, which as he shared is, “always something new.” No matter what may need done on the property or in a resident’s apartment, Logan is ready for the challenge. Logan’s dedication to East Ridge Residence and each Resident here shows in his work and repairs daily as he never quits until the job is done, the repair is complete, and the resident has a grateful smile of relief on their face.

Logan lives in Chattanooga with his girlfriend, Samantha, and their 3-year-old son, Harvey. Logan is one of the proudest fathers and adores his family so.

Congratulations Logan for this long overdue recognition! Thank you so much for everything you do at East Ridge Residence!

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