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Retirement is something many people look forward to simply because they get to experience the freedom they’ve worked so hard to achieve. People plan to travel, spend extra time with family, and focus on hobbies new and old. But what happens when the honeymoon phase of retirement ends? The answer could be looking into retirement homes.

Chattanooga, TN, may not be the first place you consider as a retirement destination, but it certainly can be.

How can I enjoy my retirement in Tennessee?

Most people prefer to age in place following retirement, but there is a drawback. They become overwhelmed with household responsibilities and the cost of living. But what if you could move to a place where you would have no household chores and the cost of living was more affordable?

Chattanooga, TN offers seniors a retiree’s dream with tax-free living, temperate weather, and year-round fun. Independent living retirement homes like East Ridge Residence provide you with the opportunity to forget about your responsibilities and enjoy your freedom.

What are the phases of retirement?

  1. The planning and anticipation of pre-retirement
  2. Actual retirement and freedom
  3. Honeymooning and enjoying every minute of it
  4. Disenchantment or feeling bored, lonely, and lost
  5. Reorienting and deciding to find purpose
  6. Settling into a routine and discovering what works best for you

Using the beauty of Chattanooga as a backdrop, think of the phases of retirement like hiking a mountain.

The first couple of stages are exciting and freeing. Phase three is when your reach the peak and experience the most joy and fulfillment. The view from up top is hard to beat. However, you have to head back down the trail to prevent hiking in the dark.

Heading down, you might not be as excited as you were on the way up. Maybe you’re running out of snacks and feeling depressed and even a little lost. You have to take a break, get your bearings, and appreciate all you’ve accomplished at a certain point. You start thinking about how getting back to the car and your normal routine sounds kind of nice.

Your retirement doesn’t have to peak for you to establish a routine that works best for your lifestyle. You might find your daily habits by trial and error. Of course, it’s easier to slip into your dream routine when you live in the comforts of a retirement community.

Why should I consider retirement homes?

Chattanooga, TN, offers retirees many housing options that are much more affordable than in many parts of the country. The cost of living in the city is about 10 percent lower than the national average.

Many people wait to move into senior living after they’re past the point of being able to enjoy the entire experience. Many times, waiting to move into senior living is a financial decision. Still, at retirement communities like East Ridge Residence, budget-friendly senior apartments allow you more financial freedom than staying at home.

A considerable cost lifted from you is not owning a home anymore. Utility bills and maintenance services are included in your monthly rent. Thanks to a full calendar of physical and social activities every month, you’ll also spend less money on entertainment.

You don’t have to, but you can get rid of your car and its costs. Enjoy using community-provided transportation for errands, appointments, and shopping.

How can I extend the honeymoon phase of retirement in Chattanooga, TN?

East Ridge Residence, outside of Chattanooga, in East Ridge, TN, offers senior retirement living with the promise of certainty, purpose, and community.

  • The certainty that you’re living the life you want.
  • Activities and social events provide a sense of purpose and fulfillment.
  • A whole community of new friends focused on living their best lives.

Our community focuses on fun, fitness, and friends. A typical day at East Ridge Residence includes:

East Ridge Residence | Senior couple dancing in the park
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Enjoying retirement is easier when you’re surrounded by friends with common interests. Our community includes a pool to enjoy in the warmer months, and it would almost seem like you’d never have to leave our picturesque community in East Ridge. But we still get out for a good time, plenty. Imagine spending time with your best friends at:

Our dedicated associates take care of the cooking, cleaning, and maintenance, so you have time to enjoy all of the things you want on our monthly activities calendar. You’ll love living in modern apartments featuring convenient walk-in showers, kitchenettes, and emergency call systems.


Discover Retirement Homes in Chattanooga, TN!

Retiring is a sought-after time to be enjoyed—not a time for worry.

Discover how to start living your honeymoon retirement lifestyle earlier than you think with the affordable living at East Ridge Residence. Contact us for a personalized tour of our independent living community.

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