5 Things to Consider During an In-Person or Virtual Senior Living Tour

What happens during an in-person or virtual senior living tour?

When you or a loved one is considering moving into an independent living community, you may want to take a tour. However, COVID-19 precautions have transformed traditional tours. 

What’s East Ridge Residence’s Solution to Continue Tours?
Fortunately, many senior living locations, including East Ridge Residence, offer virtual tours. Virtual tours allow you to examine and experience the facility from the comfort of your home. You may also arrange an in-person visit with thorough safety precautions. To schedule your tour in our East Ridge, Tennessee location, call (423) 899-6370 today!

1. How do I talk with my loved one before the tour?

If you are assisting your parent or a loved one with a senior living tour, ensure they are ready by speaking to them in advance. Note their preferences, questions, and concerns before the visit.

Some questions to get the conversation started include:

  • What help do you need?
  • What types of activities do you hope to do in a community?
  • What floor plan is ideal?
  • What would be the ideal living situation?
  • What are some non-negotiables?

2. What about family-related questions?

If your family is new to senior living, you all are sure to have many questions. Write them all down and take them along on your tour. Some questions that affect the entire family are:

  • Are there visiting hours?
  • How can family join meals and events?
  • What are the current COVID-19 safety measures?

Of course, senior living communities are all different. When making this big decision with your loved one, be sure to listen and to make the transition as effortless as possible.

3. What can I expect during the tour?

If you schedule a virtual tour, help your loved one with the technology. Arrive early to their home and make it fun! At East Ridge Residence independent living, we are pleased to offer virtual tours for convenience and safety.

First, you will meet your friendly tour guide. Your guide will show you around the community through FaceTime. You will see the common areas, the cafe, the halls, and the outside areas. The tour guide will help you get a feel for the community and discuss the services and amenities. Also, you may ask questions or note any concerns while you are experiencing the tour.

A woman is using a laptop to watch an elderly man on a video call.
When the formal tour is concluded, ask our team member to see anything else.

If you prefer an in-person experience, call the office to learn about the COVID-19 precautions. As the situation changes, so do protection efforts. Call to learn more: (423) 899-6370.

4. Should I speak to team members and residents?

According to the AARP, speaking to the team and residents is a great way to evaluate senior living communities. AARP provides some tips on questions to ask.

Some things to ask the team are:

  • What is the training of the team?
  • Are the team members enthusiastic about helping?
  • What kinds of activities occur and how often?

Due to COVID-19, you may not be able to speak to a resident. However, if you can talk to someone, there are some great insider questions to ask.

  • Do you like the community, the services, and the affordable care?
  • Are the team members attentive without being too interfering?
  • Do you have socialization opportunities?

5. What is East Ridge Residence’s philosophy?

No two independent living communities are the same. When you are shopping for a home, check out the community’s philosophy. Anyone can open a senior living community, but what are their values? Do they align with your own?

At all Veritas communities, we embody a “wellness philosophy” at the root of everything we do. Our team members, residents, administration, and families all work together to create a thriving community that embraces the eight dimensions of wellness.

Spiritual We recognize each team member and resident’s beliefs and join in the shared goal of high-quality, compassionate care.
Intellectual We support and implement opportunities for our teammates and residents to develop intellectually.
Emotional We encourage each other, as well as our residents and their families.
Physical We offer nutritious meals and support our residents and associates in sustaining healthy and active lifestyles.
Social We aim to build authentic relationships between our residents, families, and staff.
Occupational We make a collective effort to develop from within and render growth opportunities for associates, as well as a sense of purpose.
Financial For our associates, we pay fair wages, along with a dedication to providing financial bonuses for hard work and extraordinary care. For our residents, we pledge fiscal responsibility to secure minimal expenses.
Environmental We present a safe and enjoyable environment so that all staff and residents can work, live, and thrive.

Are you ready for your virtual or online tour? Fill out our contact form or call us today at (423) 899-6370.

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